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BADLUCK Promotions is an event planning company that focuses on giving all artists opportunities to be successful in their craft. From an artist who is just starting out to someone who has been in the field for years, we welcome all who share the same passion and love for art as we do.  With the help of our core team members and promoters  we arrange a service for artists who are interested in traveling to various locations to help them establish an improved portfolio, networking with others to create new opportunities, learning how to become a better creator by being taught by others, and also giving back to communities with a helping hand.

 Our Luck Is Changing— wIll yours? 

From our monthly collaboration meetups, to our pop up events, to wherever the world takes us next, we want to create an inviting atmosphere for all. It's not just about how much experience you have, it's all about wanting to learn from others, wanting to network, open new doors for one another, trying new things, making new friends, and being apart of something with people that hold the same levels of passion that you do.

We want to thank each and every artist that has attended our events thus far, you are the reason why BADLUCK can even exist. Your passions drive our mentality and push us to continue growing, extending our goals throughout the community.

Our luck is changing. We hope you join the movement we have started. We only wish to help change your luck as well.

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